Welcome to Warehouse!

 Fused Glass Warehouse was created as the result of necessity, support and convenience to artists in New England and beyond.

 It started when my wife announced she wanted to take a fused glass class.  Being the supportive husband I am, I said “whatever makes you happy, dear”, not realizing this class would fuel a very expensive passion.  Those of you who do warm glass, or any art, know to make a quality product you need quality supplies and those cost.

 Well, I started outfitting my wife with everything she would need, cutters, glass and kilns, oh my, and with these she made lovely “crafts”.  But the more she did the more she wanted to do, and it grew.  I don’t just mean in quantity but in size of her designs – now she wanted to do “art”.

 So though the necessity to supply my wife with bigger – bigger kilns and a bigger work area – and more – more glass and dichroic, more molds and more kilns (she now has 7), came the thought, warm glass supplies are not easy or cheap to come by, especially in New England.

 It was then I decided I could create tms Studios/Fused Glass Warehouse to supply and support my wife, as well as, others who have the passion to create.  I also decided I would keep it accessible, financially, to everyone.  So even in these difficult times people can still afford to do what they love.

 At Fused Glass Warehouse our commitment is to offer quality products and supplies to all artists, at a reasonable price.  We are also committed to find and carry a broad range of items to keep those creative juices flowing.  We feel having ample products and supplies on hand offer a convenience to you, to get everything you need in one spot.  And if you don’t see what you want or need, let us know, if it is for just about any glass related craft, we can probably get it for you.  We thrive to keep our prices low and our product inventory high, so you can keep your costs low and continue your passion to create great art right when you want to.

 Please let us know if there is something we can do to help inspire you