Vermiculite board V-1100 (600)

Skamol Vermiculite board ''THE BEST!''

Skamol Vermiculite board V-1100 (600)

A high-density vermiculite board that can withstand temperatures up to 2012°F (1100°C). This board is stronger than most fiberboard and can be cut and tooled just like wood.

Not recommended for use as kilnshelf. While it is certified asbestos-free, always use a NIOSH-approved respirator when cutting or creating dust. Before using with glass, prefire to 1580°F (860°C) for 30 minutes and crash cool.

Made In Nykøbing Mors, Denmark

    • Max. service temperature: Up to 1100°C (2012°F)
    • Hot-face applications or back-up insulation of all refractory constructions
    • Excellent insulating value
    • High mechanical strength
    • Good thermal shock resistance
    •  7''x 7''    Reg.$10.99   / $ 7.95
    • 12''x12'' Reg.$16.00 / $13.95
    • 16''x24'' Reg.$45.00 / $27.95 + Box Fee $11.00
    • A Box fee of $11.00 will be charged on all vermiculite orders on 16"x24" size


  • Item #: Vermiculite V-1100 (600)

Vermiculite board V-1100 (600)

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