Tempered Float Glass 226 Grams.

For Warm Glass Work Only!

Tempered Float Glass 3/8'' Frit  (226 grams/8oz. Bag)

Float Glass 82+/-3 coe 


Tempered float glass pieces that can be mixed with any of our Unique Glass Colors to make your own colored frit or can be used as design accents or even to lift an area of glass for a more raised area after firing. We make our own by adding our liquified color to the frit, stirring well to coat all the glass and then spreading all of it out on a piece of waxed paper to dry. Stir occasionally as it is drying and then store in a jar until needed.

If you are going to use the frit on any other glass but float glass be sure to do a test fire for compatability.

Because of the way the frit is made rinse in water to remove any debris.

On the photo of the tile you can see 1956 Dark Blue applied in two different ways. The pieces that are more "blue" were mixed with the liquid color then spread onto a sheet of waxed paper to dry. When dry, a piece of glass was "buttered" with White MUD and the dry frit pieces were pushed down into the MUD. The lighter pieces were placed in a cup, dry color added, then Glass Medium and all were mixed together. They were then placed on the still damp MUDDED tile and the wet color ran off a bit and made darker lines around each glass bit. Allow all to dry THOROUGHLY and place a second piece of clear glass on top of all and fire to 1525F.

Full Fuse:

Degrees Per Hour   Temp.      Hold
250                       1100         15

200                       1245         30

9999                     1510         15

9999                     1100         35

150                       900            0


  • Item #: Tempered Float Glass 226grams

Tempered Float Glass 226 Grams.

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