Stainless Steel 2'' High Casting Rings
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Stainless Steel Casting Rings 20 Ga.- Fuse your glass into these deep stainless steel rings! Great for casting thick glass for sinks, tables, and bowls. Place the casting ring lined with a fiber strip on fiber board or a prepared kiln shelf.

2''x6''Ring Retail $34.88 / Price $22.00

2''x9''Ring Retail $46.41 / Price $27.00

2''x12''Ring Retail $50.42 / Price $31.00

2''x15''Ring Retail $60.23 / Price $37.00

Line your casting rings with 3mm fiber paper!

  • Item #: StainlessSteel 2'' Casting Ring

Stainless Steel 2'' High Casting Rings

Price: $22.00
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