Patterns Galore Wavy Firestrips 3MM
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90coe Pattern Colors Wavy Firestrips 3MM - 10 at 8'' or 5 at 16'' random pattern colors.

Pattern Colors Wavy Firestrips contains a variety of 10 or 5 random pattern colors. Wavy Firestrips are water jet cut to 8 or 16 inches and feature of course the highest quality CBS Dichroic coatings. No other product currently on the market uses our CBS coatings, so buy the best and forget the rest! Wavy Firestrips come in, 3 MM are available in clear or black, and 90 COE, and are pre-fired for your convenience.

  • Item #: Patterns Galore Wavy Firestrips

Patterns Galore Wavy Firestrips 3MM

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