OG801 Liquid Bright 7%Gold 2 Grams
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OG801 Liquid Bright Gold 2 Grams 7% 18K gold.

GLASS Painting. Lusters are thin, washes of color which when fired, will give you a beautiful, transparent color. Lusters sit on the top of the glaze, so are more delicate when handled; do not put in the dish washer. Use OH1 Essence to thin when necessary. ALL Lusters have a "shelf life" so keep in cool location with the lid tight to make it last longer.

Glass Fire - Cone .022.(1094F) Use separate brushes for each color, OR, you can clean the brush out VERY thoroughly with Acetone Cleaner or the acetone free nail polish remover. 

Manufacturers advise NOT to shake or stir lusters, but to let any contaminants settle to the bottom and use right off the top of the liquid. Remember a little goes a long ways so only fill the very end of your brush and let it flow onto the glass. THIN coat applications.



  • Item #: OG801 Liquid Bright Gold 2 Grams

OG801 Liquid Bright 7%Gold 2 Grams

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