Shop Moretti 104coe Rods


The photos of the glass on this web site are as close as possible.  Due to camera and monitor displays the color maybe slightly different once you receive them. 

Annealing Range: 940 to 995/1004 degrees F (505 to 535/540 degrees C)
Strain Point: 887 to 940/950 degrees F (475 to 505/510 degrees C)
Full Fuse: 1400 to 1436 degrees F (760 to 780 degrees C)

Average Rods 4, 5 to 6 mm thickness (some of the "hand pulled" colors are often thinner)

(1=4mmx13 rod .80oz.) (1=5mmx13 rod .95oz.) (1=6mmx13 rod 1.15oz.) 

(16 Rods = 0.8125pound to 1.0625pounds )

(T)= Transparent

(P)= Pastel

(O)= Opaline

(F)= Filigrana

104 COE Rods are approx 13"+/- in length.