MicroFusion Jen-Ken Kiln

Firing chamber is 4- 1/2" in diameter by 1- 3/4" high. 

The MicroFusion is a small kiln that fuses small glass pieces in minutes in the microwave oven.  Best for pieces less that 2" x 2" and two layers thick.  It has a special coating on the inside that heats rapidly in most microwaves to a about 1500F on the inside in 4-5 minutes.  Then the MicroFusion is removed and allowed to cool for about 1+ hours and the pieces is ready to see.  These kilns are fun and fast.  Come with kiln wash for the base and a direction sheet.   We use them for fusing jewelry pieces and earings. The are not good at firing large pieces of glass because the kiln is heating too quickly and the glass thermal shocks.   These kilns work fine in most microwaves that are tall and all metal on the inside.  There are a few microwaves out there that do not excite the coating and heat the kiln very well.  Trying another oven usually fixes the problem.  The interior can be re-coated when needed if it is in good condition.  It is reommended that these firings take place in a microwave that is not used for cooking (It just makes good sense to be safe).  (Emerson Microwave are not the best choice for these microwave kilns from past experience) This is not a TOY and reaches high tempertures.  Made in the USA Jen-Ken Kilns


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MicroFusion Jen-Ken Kiln

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