Glasspro KD Cloth 16''x16''
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Glasspro KD Cloth 16"x16" Glasspro Demo

The Incredible Glasspro KD Cloth

Just WetWringWipe and Walk Away! Use the KD Cloth to clean virtually anything in your house without chemicals.
  • Cleans & polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, glass - all hard surfaces.
  • Leaves a streak free, spot free & lint free finish using NO chemicals or paper towels.
  • One step process cuts cleaning time in half

Use ONLY Water:

Windshields, Cars, Chrome, Glass, Acrylic, Vinyl, Computer Screens, Mirrors, TV's, Glasses, Counter Tops, Rims, Tile, Stainless Steel, Microwaves, Oven Faces, Windows, Aquariums, Plastic, Fiberglass


Bugs, Tar, Grease, Fingerprints, Brake Dust, Soap Scum, General Dirt & Dust.

Washing Instructions
Machine wash with detergent.  Air dry only.  No fabric softener.

  • Item #: Glasspro KD Cloth 16''x16''

Glasspro KD Cloth 16''x16''

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