Fireworks Beadmaking Kit 104coe
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With this kit and a few hours of practice the beginning bead maker will be making their own unique glass beads in all shapes and sizes. The kit includes step-by-step instruction manual, Fireworks self-igniting torch head, 12 mandrels, bead rake, 2 texturizing marvers, rod scrubber, heat resistant work surface (14" X 17"), bottle holder, bead release, 15 Italian glass rods (104 COE) and one fiber blanket to cool beads, BONUS: Includes a brief instructional DVD "Making of a Glass Bead." Requires MAPP gas, avilable at most hardware stores.

  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Fireworks™ self-igniting torch head
  • 12 Mandrels
  • Bead rake
  • 2 Texturizing marvers
  • Rod scrubber
  • Heat resistant work surface
  • Bottle holder clamp
  • Bead release
  • 15 Italian glass rods 104coe
  • Fiber blanket
  • Item #: DTI Item Number: FW632

Fireworks Beadmaking Kit 104coe

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