Crystal Clear Blowing Cullet 90coe
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$8.84 Retail per pound / 001501-0066 / Bullseye Glass 90coe

A truly “water-white” clear, as bright as crystal without the lead. Formulated to be melted in a furnace and have a good working range for blowing and hot glass applications. Not intended for kiln work.

Characteristics: Cullet does not undergo the same quality inspection as our billets. Inclusions and contaminate can occur within cullet chunks of any size.

Working Tip: Small granules (called “fines”) that accumulate at the bottom of a cullet container during shipping usually contain more contamination. For best results, don't include the fines in your furnace melt.

While not absolutely necessary for the roll-up method, Crystal Clear Blowing Cullet (001501) is recommended for making collars.

Crystal Clear Blowing Cullet


  • Item #: 001501-0066 Blowing 90coe

Crystal Clear Blowing Cullet 90coe

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