Corelite Shelves

A Box fee of $15.50 will be charged on all Corelite Shelves orders on 18"x18" & UP sizes.

Shipping UPS-----------

9.8lb. Square 16''x16''x1''($81.00)ups 

13.5lb.-Square 18"x18"x1"($96.00)ups Box Fee

17.5lb.-Square 20''x20''x1''($115.00)ups Box Fee

26.5lb.-Square 24"x24"x1"($158.00)ups Box Fee

11.0lb.-21" Round x 5/8"($130.00)ups Box Fee

PICK UP ONLY/NO SHIPPING---------------------

20.5lb.-26" Round x 1"(Reg.$158.00)

41.1lb.-Square 27''x27' x1''(Reg.$350.00) OUT OF STOCK

43.5lb.-Rectangle 39.3"x24"x1''(Reg.$350.00) 

42.5lb. One Piece Oval 39'' 22''x1''(Reg.$350.00) OUT OF STOCK

47.9lb.-One Piece Oval 39"x26"x3/4"(Reg.$350.00)


Do not put molds or insulating material on the shelf. This may cause the shelf to crack, due to uneven heating and cooling (ThinFire shelf paper is OK). Glass must cover over 1/2 of the total surface area to avoid thermal stress on the edge of the shelf. A heating rate of no faster than 200 degrees per hour and a hold of at least 1 hour at 1000 degrees, during ramp up and cool down is suggested, to relieve thermal stress on glass. 

CoreLite Advantages
  • Less back strain and fatigue
  • Lower firing cost
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Each shelf is ground top and bottom for perfect flatness
  • Ware keeps its shape while firing, especially tile
  • Less warpage
  • Less likely to propagate cracks thru cores
  • More firing cycles


  • Item #: Corelite Shelves

Corelite Shelves

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