Burlap Weave-GlassTextiles Cloth #SC40

All Clothes Sizes+/-

12''x12'', 18''x18'' , 24''x24''

Add unique textures to your work! GlassTextiles is great for dressing up the back of pieces for a more finished and professional look. Does not stick to glass & kiln shelf.  Once pre-fired GlassTextiles can be used over and over again.  You can even slump after texturing your glass without losing the design.

Pre-firing GlassTextiles Cloth - Schedule: Ramp to 500F / hour to 1400F soak for 10 minuets. Shrinkage occurs with the first firing only.

Do Not fire GlasTextiles Cloth above 1650F. Glass becomes molten and penetrates deep into the cloth. You will not be able to separate cloth from glass.

1.Burlap Weave #SC40 Reg.$15.30SF

Both Sides Same Texture


Silicon Dioxide Content 96%

Silica Content 96%



  • Item #: #SC40

Burlap Weave-GlassTextiles Cloth #SC40

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