Bullseye Glass White,Black,Clear Tail Pack SALE

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Hand rolled opalescent glass great for fused suncatchers, plates, jewelry, and more! With such a variety of colors, the beauty of your finished piece is limited only by your imagination. Pack contains 6 pieces, approximately 4.5''to 5''x 10'' 90 COE.

Each pack contains - 2 White (mix of 13, 113, 143 or 243),  2 Black (mix of 100 or 101), and 2 Clear (mix of 1101 or 1401)

All glass is clearly marked with item numbers for easy reordering. There are no extra boxing charges for glass packs. Photo is one example. Actual glass may vary from photo.

4.5"to 5'' x 10" pieces Reg.$47.95 40%OFF

  • Item #: White,Black,Clear Tail Pack

Bullseye Glass White,Black,Clear Tail Pack SALE

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