Bubble Powder - 1 Oz

Bubble powder is clear and can be mixed with transparent glass powder or paints.  Capture bubbles in glass to create amazing effects, as shown with paint in this finished glass cabochon. Mix bubble powder with transparent powder frit and layer in between glass.(for 90coe & 96coe only)

Must be used between layers of glass.

For actual bubble placement, place small pea size amounts in a triangular formation.....

"The smaller the formation the smaller the bubble!"

"The bigger the formation the bigger the bubble!"

Can also be added to NT Colors to create all over random bubbles: Mix a 1/4 tsp. of Bubble Powder to 1/2 oz. of any NT Color



  • Item #: Bubble Powder - 1 Oz

Bubble Powder - 1 Oz

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