80683-ME Screenprint Media Ferro
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  Field of application-glass, porcelain, ceramics, enamel


80683-ME Screenprint Media Ferro sold 2 fl.oz. 
Application Properties:
Hand-painting medium
Ferro-80 683 is, among other things, a flowing, water-soluble banding and lining medium with
very good application properties.
For banding and lining machines this medium allows the ink to flow well from the lining
tools due to its special solvent composition, thus ensuring that the lines are drawn
without interruption. This positive feature also makes the product a popular medium for
hand painting. Due to the fact that it is water-soluble, all tools can be cleaned with
Technical Data:
  • Item #: 80683-ME Media 2 fl. oz,

80683-ME Screenprint Media Ferro

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