3mm Iridescent Scrap-1lb.
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1 pound of Irid. Bullseye glass scrap pieces. All 90 coe tested compatible glass for fusing.

Characteristics - Bullseye Glass is intended for fusing.  There is always a texture from rolling glass out.  But it will be smooth out once fired.  Some glass maybe a "striker", which may appear pale, streaky or colorless in their cold form but "strike" or mature to a target color when fired.  You should always test fire if you are not sure of it's intended color.  Iridescent coating can range from rainbow, silver, gold, patterened or any combination of them.

You are receiving glass "scrap" from previous projects, classes or pieces that broke, it will be in various shapes and sizes.  You will not be receiving what is shown in picture, that is for example only.


  • Item #: 3mm Iridescent Scrap-1lb.BE

3mm Iridescent Scrap-1lb.

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