20" Terrycloth Heat Sleeve
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SOLD EACH SLEEVE,20" Terrycloth Heat and Cut Resistant

  • FusedGlassWarehouse knows the importance of people's arms, and offers its high-tech, proven line of protective sleeves to customers with confidence.

SST20 Terrycloth Sleeve is both heat and cut resistant. Terrycloth is soft and comfortable and won't dry out or stiffen when exposed to low heat or shrink when washed. Each sleeve is 20" long, lightweight, seamless and features elastic at the top and knit cuff at wrist.

  • Lightweight terrycloth material
  • Heat and cut resistant
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Won't dry or stiffen when exposed to heat
  • Won't shrink when washed
  • 20" length
  • Seamless
  • Elastic at top
  • Knit cuff at wrist
  • Reg.$9.50
  • Item No: SST20
  • Item #: 20" Terrycloth Heat Sleeve

20" Terrycloth Heat Sleeve

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