1969 Gloss Black 1oz.

Glossy, opaque, rich black color when applied in the traditional "puddle, push, pull" method. Mix 1:1 with Medium.  Color should self-level when applied to surface. Color stays true when capped. 

Watercolor effects can be achieved by thinning with water, after adding Medium, and applying color allowing it to run or to disperse on the surface.

Mix with Layering Mix (ratio depends on technique) when you want to be able to add "layers" of color on top of one another for one firing. Thin layers of color can be applied by Mixing with Layering Mix instead of Medium.

Great for use in our Poured Enamels Techniques. 


  • Item #: 1969 Gloss Black 1oz.

1969 Gloss Black 1oz.

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