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Steel Jade Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible



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Working Notes

At tack fusing and slumping temperatures, the surface frequently develops a metallic gray film, similar to effects with Steel Blue Opelescent (000146). This may disappear at full fusing temperatures. Cap with clear to insure a consistent opal green through the clear layer. To maintain the metallic effect, extend hold times at tack fusing or slumping temperatures. The metallic layer may develop anywhere where 000345 is exposed and can change over the course of multiple firings. It ranges from a thin glossy gray to a thicker, matte metallic.

A yellow residue on shelf releases such as primer and Thinfire may occur when firing to a full fuse or hotter. Scrape & apply fresh primer, or remove used Thinfire and replace with new to avoid possible contamination in subsequent firings.

The exposed surface of 000345 has greater sensitivity to items such as glass cleaner, marker and Glastac. Traces of these liquids, which often fire cleanly, may be visible in fired works, even when wiped away before firing. To minimize this effect, reduce the contact time between the glass and possible contaminants. Also, avoid using Glastac on the surface.

For more information on working with 0146 and 0345 check out this Quick Tip - http://www.bullseyeglass.com/images/stories/bullseye/PDF/other_technical/special_effects_steel_blue_opalescent.pdf


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