00113-0380 3mm White Tekta
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Tekta White 3mm 90coe

Made By Bullseye Glass Co.

Why White Tekta Because it's:

• Flatter and more uniform
• Trimmed on all sides (no waste)
• Offered in a variety of larger size
• Bullseye Compatible.

12"x12"  Retail $18.33FGW$12.83

24''x24'' Retail $73.35 FGW$51.34

24''x48'' Retail $146.65 FGW$102.66

**Discounts do not apply to 00113-0380  White Tekta !

**Remember, if you are ordering large quantities, this will greatly effect your shipping costs due to the additional weight and/or multiple boxes, and may not be reflected in the shipping estimates given at the end of the order.

If you need to cut to a Special Size

Cutting Fee $20.00 Sheet

(1 to 5 cuts Pre Sheet $20.00)

  • Item #: 00113-0380 3mm White Tekta

00113-0380 3mm White Tekta

Price: $12.83
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