Vermiculite Board Heavy Duty Coarse
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Heavy Duty Coarse Vermiculite Board

Density 700/750 (35mm to 35mm thick)

Vermiculite board can be cut and sanded just like wood. The board is extremely heat resistant (up to 2112F) and has many applications.

A Box fee of $15.50 will be charged on all vermiculite orders on 17"x20" size.


1''x12''x1 2'' Reg.$15.00 / density 750

1.5''x12''x 12'' Reg.$17.00 / density 700

1''x17''x20'' Reg.$35.50/density 750 Box Fee

1.5''x17''x20'' Reg.$40.50/ density 700 Box Fee


Make sure the area is well ventilated!

(The aroma is intense!)

Fire the vermiculite board at a rate of 500F (278C) per hour to temperature or 1580F (860C) or 55F (30C) higher than the temperature at which you will cast or fusing the glass. Hold at that temperature for an hour, and then crash cool the kiln.

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Vermiculite Board Heavy Duty Coarse

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