Mosaic Outdoor Cement 20 Lbs
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New Stronger Formula! 

Super strong formula stands-up to the harshest of weather. Jennifer's Outdoor Cement with crack reduction results in a smooth, porcelain white finish for long-lasting stepping stones, benches, birdbaths, etc. This improved formula has superb pigmenting quality and no sealant needed! New formula needs longer drying times. 

Color your outdoor projects with Jennifer's Mosaics Colorants. Reg.$24.95

Mixture should be smooth and pourable.  
• The 1 hour drying time is no longer in effect. Drying time is now a minimum of 5 hours 
for smaller molds up to overnight for largest molds. 

Package Dimensions: 8 in W x 6.5 in H x 8 in D

Weight: 21 pounds 

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Mosaic Outdoor Cement 20 Lbs

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