GTS 41-13
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240V ,45Amps ,Control=Set-Pro ,Reg.$4115.00

Measuring in at 40.5" x 25.25" x 13.5"

Option shelf size 39.3" x 24" Full Seamless Shelf    

The GTS 41 is Evenheat's largest top loading glass kiln. The firing chamber dimensions exactly match the Studio Pro 41 to give you a large, uninterrupted firing surface.

The GTS 41 features our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen, Rampmaster or Set-Pro controls and is standard equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Viewing, Wide Lid Handle and Full Stainless Jackets. Add a full seamless shelf to your GTS 41 to get the most usable firing area.

Order yours with our Quiet Drive Solid State output option for tight temperature control and longer element life.

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GTS 41-13

Price: $2,880.50
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