Fuse Art Word Art Glass Fusing Decals
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For the price of paper stickers, you can add permanent, colorful detail to your fused designs. Use expressive high-fire decals to make incredible glass art. It's easy! Simply remove decal from backing, apply to the glass and fire to permanently fuse designs onto glass surface. Fuse Art Decals cannot be torn, scuffed, wrinkled or soaked off the glass surface once fired.

Lead-free. Decal sheet measures 2-3/8" x 7" and includes 53 word decals. Decals feature everything from inspirational words such as grow, celebrate, karma, dream, amen and spirit to fun words like giggle, grin, sweet, dance, sing and relax to basic words such as the, a, for, is, be and can 365

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Fuse Art Word Art Glass Fusing Decals

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