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120V ,12Amps ,Control=Set-Pro ,Reg.$945.00

Measuring in at 14.25" x 7.5" x 3.5"

The Fishbone Glass Bead Annealer is equipped with Evenheat's "Load-n-Go" technology. Load-n-Go allows you to create and anneal glass beads and sculptured glass at your own pace. It does so by offering a relaxed, 2 hour loading period prior to the actual, automatic annealing process. You're free to focus on your glass and not the annealer. Just as it should be.

The Fishbone also provides a preset annealing format for easy programming. Simply select your glass COE and bead size and the Fishbone does the rest. This easy, 2-step programming method delivers professionally developed annealing cycles and extremely tight temperature control. The Fishbone with Load-n-Go technology is the Ultimate Bead Annealer.

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