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Olympic's Dual Media kilns are designed for firing ceramics and glass. Dual Media (DM) or TOPHAT models are built with 3" brick for energy efficiency and will fire to 2350°F for high firing pottery and ceramic projects and are equipped with a lid element for glass fusing. An ON/OFF infinite switch activates the lid element, at the intensity the kiln operator desires, when fusing is desired. The Dual Media kilns come in two designs, 1) raku style with frame and hand crank for easy access to working on pieces and for easy opening and closing of the firing chamber; and 2) stackable top loading electric kilns which come apart so that you can easily move them from one location to another and easily work on one section of the kiln without taking the entire electrical system off the kiln. Dual Media 23", 28" and Oval models are equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.

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Dual Media models are built with Olympic’s proven electrical box design which has heat shields with top and bottom perforations to keep the electrical components cool, and balanced heating elements insure even heating of the firing chamber under all firing conditions. Dual Media kilns come equipped with pilot light, metal stand, stainless steel jacket, and Bartlett 3K-CF electronic controller.  Data is entered by scrolling through the up and down buttons for the desired cone fire or ramp/hold programming. One-year Limited Kiln Warranty for cone 10 models.

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