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COLOR VARIATION - While Bullseye strives for consistent color, the glass is a handmade product and color may vary slightly between production runs (and from images in catalog, web-site or sample sets).  Some colors may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork.  We recommend that you test samples of glass using the same firing cycles and processes to be used in finished pieces.  Bullseye glasses are formulated for fired color.  Unfired glass color may vary.
COLORS THAT STRIKE - In order to provide the largest and most interesting palette of colors to kiln and torch workers, Bullseye produces some glasses that appear pale or colorless in the cold form but which "strike" or mature to target color upon firing.
SHEET GLASS SIZES AND THICKNESS - Because of the handcrafted nature of Bullseye Glass all dimensions are approximate and all sheets will have atleast one rolled edge.  Standard thickness on Bullseye Glass is approximately 3mm thick, glass indicated as thin is approximately 2mm thick.
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**Bullseye Glass Retail Catalog**

Need Drop Shipping From Portland Oregon  Sales Tax In California,New York,New Mexico Only.

Shipping From Fused Glass Warehouse Kingston NH No Sales Tax. 

All full sheet will be cut in half for shipping.

Box Charges

Glass 10x10     1-10 sheets  $5.50, box weighs 3lb. 

Glass 12x12     1-10 sheets  $5.50, box weighs 3lb. 

Glass 10x10 & 12x12 (Q) Dichroic 11-30 Sheets $10.00, box weighs 5.5lb.

Glass 17x20    1-8 sheets  $15.50, box weighs 7lb.