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Bullseye Glass Reformulation of Black 0100-frit/powder, stringer, rod or confetti Our reformulated 0100 is not as dense a glass as the original one.  In reflected light it appears fine, but in bright transmitted light it can appear a deep purplish blue.  The new formula meets our standard for sheet glass, however it is not dense enough for 0100 frit/powder, stringer, rod or confetti.  We are still working on reformulation for frit and the other accessory glasses, but are not producing any new 0100 frit or accessory glass until we can get the formula to the right density.  Please know that we understand how hard it is to be out of black frit, especially powder. In the meantime, I would refer your customers to 0336 Dark Gray Powder and 0236 Slate Gray Powder.

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